"Stimulating Our Children Today For Greatness Tomorrow"

Dr. Donald D. Ford I FOUNDER and SR. PASTOR
Min. Dr. Carlene Canady Learning Center Director
Sis. Gayla Hodges Associate Director
Operating Hours: 6 AM - 6 PM
Hot Breakfast and Lunch
Nursery - First Grade Specializes in M.O.R.E.- Many Opportunities Rated Excellent We are an exempt License Facility (enabling us to teach the Bible)
ABEKA Curriculum includes: Spanish, Art, Music, Reading, Math, and Science. We add to that with Bible Fairs Choir, Dove Reading Club, Foster Grandparents, Title VI E.S.E.A., Support S.E.A.P., Educational / Vocational / Informational Field Trips, and Mini Society

Greetings to You and Your Family:

The Second Missionary Baptist Church Learning Center and Toch of Grace Christian Acadamy (SMBCLC / TGMCA) extends a hearty welcome to all new and returning students. In addition to receiving infants (6 weeks) and toddlers (walking to 23 months), we have a dynamic program for K-2 through K-4,and, Kindegarten through 2nd Grade.We offer the ABEKA curriculum, which is an internationally accepted and accredited program. The Christian school is not a school merely for the sake of academics, but for the sake of fulfilling the church's God-ordained role in carrying out the Christian education mandate - (Deuteronomy 6:7, Proverbs 22:5, 1 Timothy 4:12).

Since 1982, we have been striving to provide the very best in education for the development of young minds. Traditional teaching methods, biblical discipline and excellence of content all work together in the Christian school to produce students with outstanding character. It takes a village, with One Band and One Sound, to raise a child. Discord results when families, communities, churches, and schools are teaching different values that have no intergenerational link. Therefore, our effort this year will be to create "One Band - One Sound" where the school, the community, the home, the church, and everything that the child is involved in is playing on the same page, playing the same tune, and complimenting one another . . . One Band - One Sound.

Our teachers (section leaders) work throughout the school year in a very structured and systematic way to bring out the best in each student, building sound character traits such as the following: Respecting Authority, Paying Attention, Promptness, Obedience, Applying Themselves, Understanding Orderliness, Doing Their Best, Carefulness, Honesty, Cooperative Spirit, Good Judgment, Achievement, Perseverance, Self Control, Respect of Others, Respect of Property, Patience, and Good Attitude. Our students are evaluated in these areas as well as in academics. Grade cards are sent home at the end of each period (see calendar in the back of the Student Handbook.) Yes, it's a big job, but then together we share the joy of seeing a little child become a big success.

Parent involvement is strongly encouraged. We invite parents to visit the Center and provide input as they observe our process. Minister Dr. Carlene Canady, SMBC/LA & Learning Center Director and several on our staff have completed an intensive training program of the ABEKA curriculum. All new section leaders (teachers) will participate in training sessions as well. We look forward to introducing you and your child to a school year of fun and creative learning. Our 3rd and 4th grade programs will be contingent upon enrollment. We offer very competitive tuition rates for the enhanced program we provide. Operating hours are from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. We serve hot breakfast, hot lunch and snacks. Transportation to the Grandview and Hickman Mills School Districts is available as part of our before and after school programs. Our greatest concern is to be a partner with you in the development, care, nurture and education of your child(ren). Thank you for the confidence and privilege. We have an open door policy at SMBC/LA. Please feel free to drop by or call Min. Dr. Carlene Canady at 816 763-3999.

Min. Dr. Carlene Canady Learning Center Director

Pastor Dr. Donald D.Ford I